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Finding Tenants

Our team will review all applications and short list the best match to your property and conduct reference checks with previous Property Management agencies and or landlords to assess their suitability.

We will validate all aspects of their employment and check them against the National Tenancy Data base to ensure they do not have a history of poor tenancy.

Once complete, we will work with you to select the prospective tenant based on our team’s recommendation.

Our team will then prepare the lease document and agree final terms, a copy of which will be sent to you. We will then explain to the tenant their obligations including the receipt of bond, regular rental payments, ongoing inspections and the maintenance process should it be necessary.

Financial Management

We manage all the rental payments on your behalf, and deposit them monthly into your bank account. When necessary, we will contact the tenant if they should fall into arrears and will apply well established processes to quickly resolve any outstanding or take the matter further as required under the Residential Tenancies act on your behalf.


Our team will provide you with both monthly and yearly financial statements which detail all monies received and paid out for you as required, for all aspects of your property and as required under the Residential Tenancies act.

Property Inspection and Management

Our team are well experienced in maintaining a regular inspection routine with all properties under the management as well as the critical first and last inspections necessary, when a tenant vacates and a new tenant commences theory occupancy.

We check your property prior to a new tenant moving in in great detail which includes:

Cleanliness of all surface areas including walls, windows and treatments, kitchen and stove, light fittings and external living areas.

Prepare a detailed Property Condition report which is provided to both the tenant and yourself.

Take photos of the above together with each room to ensure we have an accurate record of the property prior to the tenancy commencing. 

Our team will then conduct regular rental inspections every quarter (three monthly) and identify any maintenance or repairs that will need to be attended to so the property’s condition is maintained at its peak.

We will consult with you on all repairs and maintenance as may be needed and carry out your instructions via our contractor network. We handle all legislated compliance issues such as smoke alarms, RCD’s etc. and ensure your property meets the exacting standards required for safe occupancy.

Our team may receive advice from a tenant that they wish to vacate, at which time we will advise them of how the property will need to be left prior to their departure and s\provide them with a documented process to follow. Our Property Relationship team will then conduct a final or Bond inspection which will be carefully documented and will need to be signed off by our team in conjunction with verifying that all monies are paid to date together with any outstanding/final amounts. The bond will not be released until this is complete to our teams total satisfaction.  


  • Selecting Tenants

  • Conducting rent reviews

  • Managing lease renewals

  • Conducting inspections and preparing property reports

  • Reconciliation of outgoings

  • Preparing budgets

  • Maintaining the condition of buildings

  • Coordinating maintenance and repairs

  • Property enhancement advice